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This blog is provided by the hi-blogs.info ‘krew’, (uCru) who have been blogging health informatics events since 2004 (and some members have been providing other forms of online event reports for many years prior to that – eg http://www.rodspace.co.uk/dev.htm).

We have, for several years, provide unofficial, or even semi-official, blogs for a number of health informatics and nursing informatics events. We have always collaborated very well with the event organisers. However, having even an ‘unofficial’ status has sometimes lead to some tensions as to what we might report, photograph, etc. on the blogs. We have also, for each event, done a full new install of the blog software, which has often meant a great deal of work.

So, in part due to reasons outlined above, we have decided to have a completely ‘firewalled’ blog that allows us freedom to blog any health/nursing informatics event we attend. We will still be happy to work with events and  provide/support a blog where they wish us to do so.

Many of us also maintain out own, more specialised blogs – we will continue to do this.

Peter, on behalf of the ‘krew’  – 03 August, 2007 (updated 01 October 2008)



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