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IMIA Education WG – opening October 27, 2008

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The IMIA Education Working Group (WG)  conference (http://www.hospitalitaliano.org.ar/imiawged/)has started with the opening welcomes from Paula Otero (chair of the organisers), Bill Hersh, Chair of IMIA Education WG, and Fernan Gonzales Bernaldo de Quiros, from Hospital Italiano. The meeting is relatively small as far as IMIA events go, but has a large international contingent. I don’t know if anyone else is blogging, but Steven Bedrick is on Twitter.

The opening keynote is being given by Reinhold Haux, IMIA President. He is giving an overview of the history of IMIA, the Education WG, and the Peter Reichertz Institute. He explained that Peter reichertz was a pioneer of health/medical informatics in Germany, and the institute that Reinhold works at is named after him as an amalgamation of institutes in Braunschweig and Hannover in Germany, and aims to be a regional centre of excellence.

Reinhold explained the objectives of IMIA being around promoting informatics in healthcare, and stressed the importance of education and the stimulation of research. IMIA is over 40 years old, and began as 12 founding nations in 1967; it has 52 full members, and including corresponding members has contacts with 85 countries, as well as about 50 Academic members; these represent over 50,000 people. He explained that education was a high priority from the beginnings of IMIA, and education was its first working group.

Reinhold explained that past activities of the IMIA Education WG are reflected in the proceedings of the various conferences that had been held, and well as wider education publications.This event is about the ninth event since 1970. One of the major outputs of the WG has been the Recommendations on Education in Health and Medical Informatics, which have been translated into many languages. He explained that education in health informatics is important to raise the quality and efficiency of health care, and well-educated health professionals are needed all around thw world.

He suggested that for the future, IMIA neded to look into certification, look at education in a globalised context, to learn and share knowledge, and to promote high quality education through IMIA, and especially through the Education WG.


Welcome to Buenos Aires October 27, 2008

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By way of an introductory post – I am attending the IMIA Education Working Group conference at Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will be blogging the event over the next two days, but the first pst may be later in the day, as I am giving one of the opening keynotes shortly.

I have been here in Buenos Aires for the past week, just doing the tourist bit – but now have to pay the price and get down to the business end of the trip.

More to follow. I will try to upload my slides to Slideshare later. The hospital wireless network seems to be working fine here.