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Our 2008 blogs

During 2008, we have so far blogged the following events (and have probably blogged additional events on our own blogs):

EFMI Special Topic Conference (STC) 2008 – London, UK – 9-11 September (Peter and Karl attending)

First Medicine 2.0 Conference – Toronto, Canada – 4-5 September (Peter, Rod, Margaret, Chris attending)

SINI2008 (University of Maryland Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics) – Baltimore, USA – 16-19 July (Peter and Scott attending)

HISA2008 (South African Health Informatics Association conference) – Durban, South Africa – 16-20 June (Peter attending)

26th Annual International Nursing Computer and Technology Conference of Rutgers School of Nursing – Las Vegas, USA – 4-7 June (Bill attending) >>>

MIE2008 (EFMI’S Medical Informatics Europe conference) – Gothenburg, Sweden – 26-28 May (Peter, Karl and Margaret attending)

Med-e-Tel 2008 – Luxemburg – 16-18 April (Scott attending)

Ubiquitous IT Forum – Bonn, Germany – 10-12 March (Peter and Karl attending) >>>



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