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SINI2010 – social catch-up July 24, 2010

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It’s Saturday already; the last day of SINI2010. It’s still hot (31C, 88F) already at 8:00am, and predicted to get up to 100F later today.

Still, the heat did not stop the annual Friday evening pilgrimage down to Chiapperelli’s in Little Italy, Baltimore for the ANIA-CARING networking dinner. The event was organised efficiently, as ever, by Sue Newbold and colleagues, and attracted over 70 people. Another part of the annual ritual, for a few of us, was a stop-off for liquid refreshment and cooling down at the Pratt Street Ale House (http://www.prattstreetalehouse.com), on the walk down to Chiapparelli’s.

Many thanks, this year as last, to Eric Rivedal for his extensive ‘guest blogging’ of many of the SINI2010 sessions.

Final day participants are gathering for breakfast and coffee – more blogging later when the sessions start.


Post-conference posting: CARING Friday Evening Dinner (07.24.09) July 26, 2009

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I was not in attendance for this annual social event but there were more than a few in attendance. Here are some pictures of this very popular event held every year during SINI in Little Italy of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (specifically Chiapparelli’s >>>. Enjoy!
IMG_0096 IMG_0106 IMG_0108

SINI2009 – social outings July 25, 2009

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An important part of any conference is the social activities; and they generally mainly happen on a Friday night at SINI. A small group of us (Peter, Scott, Margaret and Eric) ventured out to Max’s Taphouse at Fell’s Point (http://www.maxs.com/). We went over by water taxi (I’m not keen on the new split route with transfers), and then a short walk up Broadway on Fells Point. We tried a wide selection of excellent beers, including Christmas ales, IPAs, stouts, and Belgian beers. The food was absolutely excellent, with very generous portions – we had a selection including steamed shrimps, garlic mussels (with lots of chopped garlic), hummus, foot-long chili dogs, and cajun quesadillas (crab and Andouille). After a trip back on the water taxi, the evening was rounded off by a tipple of very nice Glenfiddich.

The traditional CARING dinner – organised once again by Sue Newbold – also took place last night (Friday) at Chiapparelli’s (http://www.chiapparellis.com/) in Little Italy. By all accounts, it was a good evening, with close to 80 people attending.