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SINI2009 – TIGER usability panel July 25, 2009

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The TIGER (http://www.tigersummit.com/) usability collaborative is presenting a panel of recommendations on ‘Creating usable systems for nurses’. The four speakers are Greg Alexander, Cheryl Parker, Nancy Staggers and Denise Tyler. Nancy Staggers outlined the work of the TIGER initiative, and the nine collaborative teams working on various areas – the usability and clinical application design collaborative was the one that attracted most interest from nurses wanting to be involved in activities.

Greg Alexander outlined the problem addressed as being that current information systems do not always meet the workflow and information needs of nurses working in clinical areas. He said that systems should be patient-centric, and evidence-based, and take account of the interdisciplinary collaboration at the point of care. Aspects of usability include efficiency/productivity (how time-efficient is the application? ), how well does the product help end users avoid errors that impact their efficiency? how quickly can a person learn to use the application?, effectiveness (how well the system matches the way users think and work? how well the system supports patient safety, preventing critical error?

Denise Tyler described a number of case studies of implementation to look at usability issues. The successful case studies had end users (multidisciplinary) involved in all processes, from system selection, to design, through testing and education, and starting with selection to ongoing system optimization. Among lessons learned were that usability is the fit between system users, their work and environments, and imperatives included engaging end users early and often, understanding users, their tasks and their environments, and conducting usability testing and redesigning before implementation (to avoid problems during implementation).



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