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Afternoon session 07.23.09 Session 3F July 23, 2009

Posted by Scott Erdley in conference, education, nursing informatics, SINI2009, speaker.
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Paula Procter, MSc RN, FBCS, CITP, about “Is nursing ready for the emerging new technologies for health information?”. About 25 persons in attendance. Background includes definition of nursing informatics (ANA, 2008). Of interest to Paula is the use of the term ‘wisdom’ and that there is no wisdom in nursing informatics. This is depicted via a model of the ineffectiveness of wisdom. Makes great use of humor to illustrates various points. Knotted/Unknotted (R D Laing) is a poem recited by her as an allegory for nursing and technology relationship. Another model about information, beyond the traditional one (input, process, output) is called the Humanistic information model (acquisition (information in), processing, storage, dissemination (information out with some being valued added output). Class exercise of determining 7 attributes of nursing wisdom. Suggestion by this person is to consider the thoughts / writings of Stephen Pickner. Various technologies listed for concern include cryo, nanotechnology, and others where Paula indicates a need for nursing wisdom. Biotechnology and the aging process; increase in lifespan begets questions about schooling, life-long learning and healthcare. Challenge is how to cope with public expectations of health care. Information ‘hunger’ is also a challenge (consumers and patient care).



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