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OP331 NI2009 Teaching methodology 2 (1030-1215) July 1, 2009

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Sorry, folks, late arrival from panel presentation with Peter. Only arrived late for 2nd presentation (obviously missed first one). 3rd presentation is “Educating a Health Terminologist” by J. Warren. She demonstrates terminology tools educators can use; basic session to inform participants and update them so ‘they’ may have a basic understanding of the role of health terminologist, responsibilities and then help educate others about this role. Some very nice graphic slides to help understanding available in her presentation.

4th presenter – T. Indergaard (Finland) “Counseling of problem-based learning (PBL) groups through videoconferencing”. Discusses project and advice for those pursuing videoconferencing solutions.

Final presenter is J. Brixey “Creating experiential learning activities using Web 2.0 tools and technologies: a case study.” Stressing the social need of connecting with others (see Siemen’s principles of connectivism). Making such connections possible with Web 2.0 tools / platform; ‘at/ap/ac’ if-you-will (anytime/anyplace/anywhere) – aka ‘cloud computing’. Describes project at Kansas University of using 2.0 tools / technologies for facilitation of learning experiences (such as conference attending and so forth). Nice list of social software toolkit application inclusion criteria on her slide (easy to dl/install to easy navigation to user interaction encouragement; about 10 items in all). Use of MSN Live Messenger dictated by desire for concurrent communication between students and faculty. Wide range of 2.0 tools used including SL. Activities within SL range from ppt evaluations to interactive socializations. Nicely done! Off to lunch then perhaps one of the 3 final sessions (start at 1315 through 1415). Final ceremony is from 1415 – 1600. I will not be blogging the closing ceremony because one of the closing speakers requires the use of my Mac computer for her presentation. Later!



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