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“Combining Science and Wisdom: Bringing Evidence-Based Practice into Nursing Education” June 29, 2009

Posted by Maggie Hansen in conference, education, nursing informatics, speaker.

“Combining Science and Wisdom: Bringing Evidence-Based Practice into Nursing Education” by “Jim Cato, Patti Abbott, and Laura Taylor presented how to use technology to incorporate evidence and wisdom to support practice. How do we translate new information and knowledge (evidence) into plans of care (practice). Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Nursing JHUSON) has created a model that improves students’ readiness. In 2005, a new paradigm of nursing education was created within JHUSON. Jim Cato works for Eclipsys, a worldwide technology company, and he met with Patti Abbott in 2004 and came up with a public private partnership (a unique academic partnership) to re-engineer nursing curriculum with clinical information technology. The goals of the partnership was to increase healthcare information technology competence of nursing graduates and to design new methods of delivering the curriculum. Patti Abbott spoke about the JHUSON program goals that include: To develop and test educational interventions for students and faculty to successfully navigate today’s technology driven healthcare. As other schools of nursing, students at JHUSON have to learn the HIS before they are able to document at the hospital as a student nurse. How are the students going to learn the technology? Of course they wanted to adhere to JHUSON’s mission statement. Students, faculty and health care technology are the building blocks. The long-term outcomes of the Eclipsys-JHUSON joint EHR programs for research, education, and patient care are: innovative research, education and patient/family care with a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional team approach. And, provision of global health care solutions that demonstrate comparative effectiveness in outcomes… Laura Taylor spoke about the four sample classes at JHUSON: principles and applications of nursing; health assessment; pediatric simulation assessment; pathophysiology and pharmacology in the Junior year. They are classes from simple to complex. The HER are used in all of these classes. The student logs in to the class on the computer and fill in the flowsheets. Faculty champions were noted by Laura too!



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