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NI2009 tutorial blog January 22, 2009

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We will be offering a tutorial as part of NI2009, titled ‘How to Weave Web 2.0 Applications for Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Professional Education’.  Among the subjects that will be explored from a hands-on, as well as theoretical, perspective, will be:

•   the basic format, function, and use of blogs.
•   the potential use of blogs in education, professional development, and virtual conference participation.
•   readily available Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS).
•   creating RSS feeds by using a source, such as Feedburner.
•   the basic set-up, purpose, and use of podcasts.
•   using podcasts in education, professional development, personal use, and virtual conference participation.
•   creating a YouTube video for your professional use.
•   creating a “team NI2009 conference” wiki.
•   using the “peer-to-peer” Skype application.
•   exploring “mash-ups” and “widgets” are and how they may be used online.
•   discuss ideas about how to access core web-based systems via mobile devices (eg, iPhones)

– and probably lots more. Watch the NI2009 website for tutorial information and how to sign up if you want to participate.

The tutorial blog will be used by participants – http://ni2009tutorial.wordpress.com/



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