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Plans for blogging events in 2009 December 18, 2008

Posted by peterjmurray in health informatics, krew.

Another year of blogging nearly over.  We have – yet again – covered a range of events from many parts of the world in 2008; 2009 looks like it may be at least as busy. We have also moved the blog to this new site, and wre in the process of consolidating things here and closing some of the older sites.

Among the plans we know of for 2009:

– we hope to be at Med-e-Tel in Luxembourg in early April (www.medetel.lu);

– we will be at NI2009 in Helsinki, Finland at the end of June (www.ni2009.org);

– we will be at SINI2009 in Baltimore, USA in July (nursing.umaryland.edu/sini);

– we aim to be at MIE2009 in Sarejevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of August (www.mie2009.org);

– we will be at Medicine 2.0’09 in Toronto, Canada in September (www.medicine20congress.com);

– and we will doubtless find other events internationally and in our own countries.

We hope you will join  us, in person or virtually through this blog, at those events – and maybe others.



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